Hey, I'm Nicole Butler.


I've always loved to dance, but I struggled to stay motivated with every fitness routine I tried. Everything changed when I realized that I could incorporate the dance moves I love into a workout routine, unlike any other.


 Angelicare is dedicated to providing the childcare you need. Read on to learn more about us, our services and how we can help your family. If you need more information, simply reach out and we’d be happy to answer your questions.


Angelicare was born out of a desire to ensure that parents can find the best care or service for their family needs. Whether you are a company, parent or both juggling life and a career it is all a challenge in and of itself. Finding someone to help your family  - that should be the easy part That’s where we come in. 

Our agency is devoted to making the process easier. We start from analyzing exactly the help you need and then work on a plan with you and all involved that is successful and more importantly brings joy to your life. Life is supposed to be loved whilst lived.

Get in touch with us as and we’ll find the perfect match for your family’s or business needs in no time.