What can you expect from an Angelicare Course?

Angelicare is all about unlocking your true passion into your dream career. With the help of our specially designed courses you can enter into the sector or grow further in it.

You can choose from:

  • Early Childhood Specialist
  • Trainer /Educator
  • Entrepreneur / Business owner
  • C.E.O/ Director 

We help you with moving, launching strategically, and growing with care. The more stress free the experience, the more quickly you will grow. No matter what situation you are in, you can count on us.


Stress Free Experience

You won't stay up at night wondering if you have every base covered as we provide piece of mind.

No Nasty Surprises

We make sure you are covered from day one. Whether it be compliance or training we make sure your t's are crossed and i's are dotted.

Personal Touch

We ensure you have a personalised and tailored experience with expert advice at every step of the way with one on one guidance.

Protective Behaviours

$59 AUD

Top features

Protective Behaviours is a personal safety program that teaches Educators/ Practitioners skills and strategies to recognize and respond to a range of unsafe situations in a childcare or school setting.  This 2 hours course is applicable in contexts including child abuse, family violence and bullying for mandatory training in the Education and Care sector.


Introduction to Child Care

$660 AUD

Top features

Are you looking at getting into childcare but not sure if you can?

Are you indecisive of what Registered Training Organization (RTO) company to choose to study with?

Do you want to learn the skill set that you need to help you get a job in a childcare centre that will support and inspire you to be your best?


Introduction to Trainer Course

$599 AUD

Top features

This course is for people that want to be a trainer in the Early Childhood Education and Care Sector.

Do you want to learn the skill set that you need to help you be an effective trainer or have you tried another training company and had difficulties?

We offer a lot of support and mentoring for you to succeed and inspire others in our sector.


Certificate 3 Tutoring

$39/ month

Top features

Are you currently studying certificate III in ECEC and needing some extra help?

Do you need some extra training on how to guide childrens behaviour that improves childrens mental health? Are you wanting to know how to program and supervise children effectively and facilitate learning for students with additional needs?


Diploma Mentoring

$59/ month

Top features

 Are you studying your Diploma and want some extra help? Do you want to upskill yourself and learn other skills like how to be a manager or effective leader in our sector?

Do you want to be empowered and inspired to do what you love? 

We are here to help you along the way?



Early Intervention Mentoring


Top features

Do you want to upskill to learn more about case management for children with special needs?

Would you like to be able to learn the skills for Early Intervention?

Do you want to learn how to observe, analyze, plan and make effective referrals to help more children and families?