• I am an Advisor of Influences, Victorious for the People and a woman of God.
  • I am often referred to as an angel.
  • I am Nicole Butler CEO and founder of Angelicare and Sparkling Angels.
  • I have extensive experience in the training, children services and education industry. I have worked in the early childhood education and care industry over two decades.
  • I am Nicole butler creator and founder of ANGELICARE Since I was a child, I was called an angel, when I was younger and mum used to call me that, People still call me an angel. Everyone is an angel from their childhood and looked at as an angel.
  • I have made my way from being an untrained educator to a CEO of a successful business.


My Background:

  1. I been involved in the childcare education and care /community services sector since 2000.
  2. I have worked as a Lecture / Facilitator for a Registered Training Organisations for both Government and the Private sector in 2010.
  3. I am working as a CEO of a Childcare Service/Business since 2011.
  4. I have worked as Director of Operation/ Trainer and Assessor from 2014 to 2015 in a Registered Training Organisation.

 My Achievements:

  1. Ida Curtis Scholarship in 1998 for Diploma of Community Services (Children Services).
  2. Certificate of Accreditation from NCAC to Community Vision FDC Accreditation quality profile 2009.
  3. Certificate from Department of Education for Positive School & Classroom Engagement (CMS).
  4. Certificate from Nifnex Influential 100 Awards for being nominated as the Top 100 Influential Person of the Year within Perth Small Business Community in 2016.
  5. Certificate from Nifnex Success Academy for completion of 1 day workshop in Business Planning &Strategy.
  6. Certificate of participation From PSCWA for Programming and documentation for child initiated and spontaneous environments. 2008.
  • From Department for community Development for Protective behaviors in children services workshop 2008.
  • Responsible officer certificate 2005.
  • From Meerilinga for Training Boredom Busters_cool school Holiday programming.
  • From Department for community Development for Outside School Hours Care Quality Assurance training working with challenging behaviour.

Certificate of Completion in 2015 from good start Early Learning for.

  • Quality Area 1 to 7 Overview.
  • OHS Responsibilities and hazard identification.
  • Good Moves 4 life.
  • Discrimination-How to ensure a safe workplace free from Discrimination.
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures and First Response Training.
  • Protecting Children from Risk of Significant Harm.
  • Bullying and Harassment.
  • Infectious Diseases and You.
  • Managing Risk with Hazardous substances.
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace.

YMCA Perth Inc Promoting culturally Inclusive Practices in OSHC 2005.

  • Quality Area I Respect for children workshop 2005.
  • Quality Area 4 Evaluating.
  • Protective behaviors - bullying in OSHC workshop.
  • Half day protective behaviors.
  • Quality Area 6 Health, nutrition and wellbeing. 2005.
  • Respect for children workshop.


  1. Pursuing Bachelor of Social Science with ECU.
  2. Advanced Diploma of Children Services (CHC60208) from Training for Me in (2015).
  3. Diploma Of Management from West Coast Institute of Training (BSB51107) in (2013).
  4. Certificate IV Training and Assessment (TAE40110) West Coast Institute of Training in (2012) .
  5. Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Central Tafe in (2011).
  6. Diploma of counselling from Community Training Australia in (2011)
  7. Certificate IV Training and Assessment (TAA40104) West Coast Institute of Training in (2010).
  8. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Studies) ECU.(2006).


  • Curriculum design for nationally recognised training
  • Auditing skills to ensure compliance
  • Facilitation
  • Project management
  • Case management
  • Resilient
  • Time management
  • Proactive approach
  • Innovative thinker
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Person centred approach
  • Mentoring
  • Counsellor
  • Sales advisor
  • Educational leadership
  • Management
  • Coaching
  • Social services
  • Management consulting
  • Career development 

I feel that having a positive look on life and a holistic approach is how I have accomplished so much and inspired so many people to do the same. I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of helping individuals and companies achieve their dreams and follow and fulfill their vision.

  • I’ve also inspired people with achieving their life and independent skills.
  • I have a relationship cantered approach.
  • I help a range of people whether they are young or old and mentor them to help them reach their full potential.

I have extensive experience in commanding roles whilst encouraging and maintaining unity within the lives of the leaders that can empower so many to achieve their goals because after all we all need someone to believe in our goals and then we can accomplish so much more.

I have had the honour of being on Craigie Heights Primary School board for 5 years and the P&C for 3 years as well as the Positive Behaviour Support Program for 1 year. During this time, I loved being able to share compelling conversations and help the school and community provide what was best for the children and the community.

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